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How to Join

We are currently under construction and NOT taking and new applications. If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@hizherclub.com | 250-631-3396.

We are by-appointment ONLY, so your coach will make arrangements on meeting you. As we offer a highly personalized coaching / matchmaking service that starts with a one-on-one confidential “membership interview” in our office. During this interview, we will focus on learning all about you and identifying what it is you are searching for in a partner.

Once this is completed, we will search through our data-base of current members and determine any matches that fit your criteria as discussed. If a match is found, we will then arrange a date with a prospective match, usually over coffee. In preparation for this, we will also provide coaching to get you up to speed with the latest tips.

Afterwards, we will review the experience with you and follow up with both sides to determine if another date is agreed on.  Until you feel confident dating someone with long-term potential, we are here to support you every step of the way.

We value your feedback to further refine our service and your search criteria.

HizHer Club Coaching Includes:

-          Setting up the dates – your job is just to show-up

-          Pre- and post-date coaching

-          Advice and tips

-          Follow up

-          No stress on getting phone numbers, as we take care of connecting you for a second date


** Membership fees do apply **

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